The Guy With The Green Eyes

by Melissa Osorio

He smelled like cigarettes with a mist of axe
He wore glasses and liked the way I laughed
He spoke about not caring, and smoking pot
He lost his job, but he didn't give up
The way he looked at me while we together was unreal
It was if it was surreal
He was covered in tattoos, and not like most guys
Best part was his green eyes
But when I told him what I felt for him was more than lust
He said he didn't feel for me anymore, and from then on I lost his trust
So you see, I'm not sure if it was love, but it felt so close to it
The ups and downs and the kisses and hugs
I guess it meant nothing but for you to get a buzz
I'll remember everything about you
Because you changed me entirely

My life won't be the same.
You'll just be a page in my diary