Megazine's goal is to provide a platform for people to tell their stories, have their stories be told, and share their talents with the world.

In compliance with that goal, Megazine reviews submissions of all kinds: articles, opinion pieces, reviews, art, photography, poetry, literature, essentially anything (legal...) that can be published on the internet. While the zine is based in Jersey City, NJ we accept submissions from all over the globe. We take pride in connecting people, and connecting with people. 

And no, we are not a cult. …Yet.



Becoming a part of Megazine is actually much easier than you'd think. As mentioned above, we're open to all kinds of submissions, from any skill level, from anywhere. 

Here's how you can submit to us:


  1.  Send us your material at contact@megazineofficial.com or megazineofficial@gmail.com

  2. If the content is approved and suitable, you will be kept updated on the publication of your material, until it's finally released into the wild/internet. Sounds difficult, right? ;)


We're working on it! We'd love the privilege of paying other passionate people to help us out. The more well-known we get, the more financial opportunities we'll also get (and consequently give). We'll keep that as a goal for now... With that said, however, if you'd like to volunteer to work for Megazine, feel free to contact us via email!


And just a few more things worth mentioning:

  1. There is no word count for written submissions. No submission is too long or too short.

  2. No formatting is necessary for submissions; we'll take care of that. Including photos with proper crediting is a huge plus, though!

  3.  It's totally up to you what you'd like to submit. All we ask is that your submission belongs to you. If you're uncertain, feel free to shoot us an email to double check.

  4.  At this time, we can only provide credit-and-exposure-based compensation.


And it's that simple! So what are you waiting for? Talk to us!