'Moments': A Project By Hao Feng

How often do you live in the moment? Reflecting upon the past or worrying about the future, as opposed to enjoying the present, is part of the human condition. But how much does that take away from what's right in front of us?

Artist Hao Feng presents 'Moments,' a special brand-experience concept that reminds people to enjoy the present moment. Using illustrations, posters, animations, and sculptures, Feng engages viewers and shows us to find value in our day-to-day lives.


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10 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Tattoos

Working in the Times Square area, you meet some interesting characters and have some interesting "you-can't-make-this-stuff-up" interactions. Being heavily tattooed working in the Times Square area (like myself) almost guarantees you to have a least one of those interactions per day. 

I love tattoos, I love talking about tattoos and in most situations don't mind when people want to talk about my tattoos. However, there are always a handful of people who always take it a little to far. So for fun, I decided to make a list of top 10 things people have said or done to me that I don't think anyone should say to someone with tattoos. Enjoy!


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