To Build A Home

When I was a child, I never found myself fantasizing about becoming an alcoholic. If I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I spewed generic answers like firefighter or veterinarian, depending on the crowd. I wanted to spend the spare moments of my adult years writing poetry and playing music and laughing with good people... Strangely enough, abusing substances never made it onto that list.

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The Struggle To Love Ourselves

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and thought I’m beautiful? No? Maybe? The answer is to be determined, but with society’s body standards consistently changing, it's likely that we have all been in the position where have not liked how we looked. Whether it was because of our weight, our height, or something about our face, we may all come to some kind of agreement that at some point in time, we did not like ourselves.

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10 Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Tattoos

Working in the Times Square area, you meet some interesting characters and have some interesting "you-can't-make-this-stuff-up" interactions. Being heavily tattooed working in the Times Square area (like myself) almost guarantees you to have a least one of those interactions per day. 

I love tattoos, I love talking about tattoos and in most situations don't mind when people want to talk about my tattoos. However, there are always a handful of people who always take it a little to far. So for fun, I decided to make a list of top 10 things people have said or done to me that I don't think anyone should say to someone with tattoos. Enjoy!


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Single Reasoning

A drink magically appears before you at the end of your meal. You are seated at the bar (you came in alone). You are planning to get the check as soon as the bartender is free. 

The drink, courtesy the man two seats away, with an empty seat between you. His friend on his opposite side. 

In and of itself,  a sweet gesture. Someone paying attention, showing attraction. However, this gets tricky if someone is relying on expectations. I had to continue with your day- so a  polite "thank you" accompanied with "I'm afraid I can't join you; I was just about to pay my bill," should have sufficed. 

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Why Addiction Is Scarier Than You Think

People say addiction has no regard for who its victims are. It can take the form of a troubled teenager raiding his grandmother’s medicine cabinet or a well-to- do middle-aged woman taking her first dose of anti-anxiety medication while she pours Billy’s orange juice first thing in the morning. Addiction can shape itself as a thirty-something homeless man under a bridge shooting up whatever he spent his panhandling money on, or a top tier college student blacking out and throwing up every weekend in the name of a weekly job well done.

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