On The Cusp—An Interview With Recording Artist Vince Azure

written by Meghan Ianiro

Juggling between a long-term music career, working for modeling agencies, grad school, and an internship would seem like enough to make anyone’s batteries run out. But for NYC recording artist Vince Azure, things are picking up now more than ever.

Azure came onto the NYC music scene five years ago with the independent release of his Debut EP Ad Astra. After working his way up from playing at grittier clubs, Azure opened for Grammy-nominated recording artist James Bay at Rockwood Music Hall. Soon thereafter, he became a mainstay there, performing to a packed house at every show. In the summer of 2016, Azure independently organized his first U.S. and European tours.

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

On New Year’s Day, 2019, Azure released three highly-anticipated songs, 'Homewrecker,' 'We Said Forever,' and 'I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend' under Part 1 of his 2019 Demos series. Through these songs, Azure explores the complex themes of authenticity, altruism and love embodied in each of his evocative, sonic creations of infectious pop/rock music.

“I’m so excited to be releasing these demos,” says Azure. He explains his hopes of working with a producer who understands his vision to further finesse them. “I want these songs to live out their fullest potential. They’re the best songs I’ve ever written. These songs are all about past relationships, or romantic encounters... They’re really just me being genuine and letting people in, while still trying to be marketable and appealing.”

Finding the perfect balance between raw, genuine storytelling, and marketable, catchy pop music is no easy feat, but Azure has managed to do just that. Perhaps it’s the fact Azure cites being genuine as the most important thing in his music career, even to the point of passing on an opportunity to work with a multi-Grammy award-winning producer several years ago who compromised his vision.

“I’m constantly laying it on the line with my music,” Azure explains. “As artists with a platform, it’s our responsibility to be genuine and connect with people and make the world a better place. My music is all about the human experience, and my songs are little pieces of my life. I can tell you what every lyric means, where it came from, what I was feeling in that moment… The thing about a lot of pop music is that it has no depth. I’m trying to make music that’s authentic, yet still fun and catchy.”

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

Azure has been singing and playing guitar since he was only a child, and his passion for music has only grown stronger, fueling his high-energy live performances and vocal abilities.

“Passion is what drives me,” says Azure. “I feel most comfortable when I’m performing. It’s what I was born to do. From the time I was ten years old, I’ve wanted to play arenas. It’s all about ambition and having a dream. Every time I perform, it’s like putting on my superhero outfit, almost,” he laughs.

And while he has played live shows from LA to Paris, Azure says his hometown shows in New York are his favorite shows to play. “Being able to perform for my biggest supporters is just amazing. Whenever I get to play in front of them, it just feels like the first time,“ he gushes. 

But Azure’s childhood dreams of playing to arenas just may become a reality. The pop rock singer discussed his current transition from being what he describes as fiercely independent, to building a team of people he can work with to help him take things to the next level.

“Everything I’ve released has been self-recorded,” he says. “I’ve done everything and maintained this sort of creative control over my music, from writing lyrics, to deciding on instrumentation. I used my graduation money to get a bunch of recording equipment, and I’m not ashamed to say everything is recorded by me, in my room, on my laptop.” Azure is very grateful for Devin Hasenflue, however, for doing drum work for him. “I can’t drum for shit,” Azure laughs.

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

Photo taken by Amber Gregory

Azure continues to explain that opening himself up to working with a team is something he’s always wanted to do, but through research, growth, and understanding, he’s finally realizing the right way to go about doing so.

“I’ve always done everything alone because I felt like I had to. But for the first time, I acknowledge it’s time I need a team to help me take things to the next level and open up a bit more,” Azure says. “After having done the nitty-grity, still, I’ll be striving for more, to connect more, to write more…I’ve been so married to my vision—the brand, the look, the image, the sound, my ethics and the things I stand by, but it’s gratifying to take a step forward.”

And with every moment of growth, comes challenge and personal exploration. “I’m learning that there is no one simple, correct way to go about doing things. Some will say, 'Don’t do this,' or 'Make sure you do this...' Everyone goes about it differently, but you’ll learn that no one actually knows what the fuck they’re talking about,” Azure laughs. “It’s all very fickle.”

Thankfully, while Azure is on the cusp of something great, we have tons of new music to look forward to. We can expect a Part 2 of the 2019 Demos in a stream of new releases by Azure. “Instead of releasing an album, I’m just gonna be continually releasing a stream of content. Some are songs I’ve already written, and some are songs I’m currently recording!”

Rumor has it that we can expect new music on April 15th, along with some possible Spring/Summer show dates…

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Stream 2019 Demos - Pt. 1 below!