Vezza Premieres Dreamy Alt-Pop Track, 'You Are My Heroin'

written by Meghan Ianiro

Megazine is honored to be premiering 'You Are My Heroin,' the latest track from alt-pop artist, Vezza!

Hailing from Williamstown, NJ, which he refers to as “the last bit of civilization from the suburbs of Philadelphia, smack dab in the middle of the commute to Atlantic City from Philly,” Vezza released his first single, 'Anxiety,' this January.

According to Vezza, he grew up surrounded by music, and was first influenced by his step brothers. Having been heavily into music and both guitar players, Vezza cites his step brothers as his foundation and introduction to the world of music. “I was about nine when I started and just never stopped,” he says. Vezza also claims New Found Glory to be his first musical influence outside of family. He continues, “In high school, Adam Young (Owl City) was my hero. Then I’d say, like, The 1975. I work a lot with the band Kicking Sunrise in the studio, so I can’t lie… They inspire me a ton just working with them.”

'You Are My Heroin' is Vezza’s second single this year, which he recorded and released independently.

“I wrote about 50 instrumentals just using my laptop keyboard and then I sort of pick from the best of those. Then, I import the tracks into Pro Tools in my home studio, throw all of the midi tracks that I keep through my custom recording console that I built and try to replace a lot of, like, the fake instruments with real ones and add new textures,” Vezza says of his recording process.

“It feels so good to, like, not have anyone else in control of my project. I’m so used to being in bands or relying on others to help me make a music project and I’m so happy I was able to build up enough confidence in myself to give my music an honest shot! Also, having creative freedom without a label is just, like, super dope,” he says. “I think that some of the best music is being written right now, and I’m so thankful that more people have the tools to share their stories with just a laptop and a microphone. We wouldn’t have artists like Ed Sheeran, Johnny Swim or even The 1975. It’s an interesting world, and I hope one day I can help contribute to the wealth of stories out there.”

Aside from doing most of the writing and instrumental work on his own, Vezza credits his good friend Ashwin Vinayagamoorthy, an audio engineer that lives in Chennai, India. “I send all of my personal tracks to him for a second set of ears on my project. Together, we kind of just makes sure it’s the best it can be!”

A dreamy pop track, 'You Are My Heroin' offers a wave of nostalgia, and a sense of young, reckless, and undeniably poignant love. The single, Vezza says, was partially inspired by a young couple he spotted on the train.

“I was actually on the train a few months ago going to Philly with my girlfriend and there were these two kids going to Philly for a night out and it just reminded me of being in high school, going to Philly with my first girlfriend, and just being overwhelmingly happy and just excited to explore. My parents never took me to the city as a kid,” he explains. “Love is so unpredictable and endless, it’s great.”

But where there are dreams, there are also nightmares. And with every high, comes a low. The symbolism of heroin provides a darker twist on an upbeat pop song, considering how powerfully addictive and life-threatening the drug can be.

“Heroin is a major problem in the area that I live in. It has affected people who are close to me… my family, my friends...” Vezza goes on to explain how people have described the high to him. “But they also describe the pain that comes after the high,” he continues.

Drug overdose is the leading cause of death in New Jersey, and the rate of heroin overdose in New Jersey is three times the national average. According to NJCARES, a realtime dashboard of opiod data and information, 459 overdose deaths have occurred in New Jersey since January 2019 alone, with 3,118 overdose deaths occurring in 2018. 'You Are My Heroin' offers two polarizing sides of love—the innocent, careless infatuation, and the unhealthy, painful dependence.

“People in my life literally don’t exist anymore because of it,” Vezza reflects. “I thought that was just something interesting to add to the track as I did write this for people in my area, and also, my first relationship took me many years to get over and it was just, like, super toxic for me.”

Marking his debut by releasing two singles in three months, 2019 is shaping up to be a great year for Vezza as he plans to release more music. “I’m trying to release ten to twelve songs this year, possibly a music video. This is something that I only get to do when I have time off. I wish I had the luxury to just write all day but I don’t! Maybe one day, if I work hard enough,” says Vezza. “I’ll always have music coming out, and I don’t really plan on stopping anytime soon!”

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Listen to 'You Are My Heroin' below!