bad lil thing DRIPKISS Releases Debut Album

written by Meghan Ianiro

Emerging artist, DRIPKISS, embodies girl next door meets troubled soul on her debut album, bad lil thing. Originally from Virginia, DRIPKISS has been making waves with her cutting-edge, queer-positive sound and visuals. Clocking in at just under 30 minutes, bad lil thing is a wide range of genre-bending songs, everything from bedroom pop to punk rap to country trap. The album was released via LA-based label, Athame Records, and is currently streaming on all platforms.

bad lil thing  Cover Art:  Arauca Imalay

bad lil thing Cover Art: Arauca Imalay

Read our interview with DRIPKISS below!

“I really love ‘Calvin Klein!’ I’m actually a little mad that this song isn’t all over the radio. Tell us more about it.”

“I’m glad you dig the track! Basically it’s a tribute to the classiest, sexiest underwear in the world. There's nothing quite like a babe in Calvin Kleins. When you find out she wears Calvins, that's when you know she's a keeper.”

“You’re originally from Virginiawhat made you want to make the move to LA?”

“Honestly I just wanted to chase my dreams and catch some rays.” 

“I’m sure there’s a pretty significant contrast living in these two different places. What was that like?”

“Well I grew up in a middle class suburb in Virginia where there was a lot of structure imposed on you and a LOT of rules. And then when I was 17 I moved to Boston for a few years which also had a very rigid, working class feel to it. Relocating to the west coast was like going on a permanent vacation. I did whatever the hell I wanted whenever the hell I wanted and it was fun for a second but got me in a lot of trouble. I ended up leaving LA about six months ago. I went back recently to work on some projects and I’ll continue to visit as much as possible to collaborate with friends but I’m not crazy about living there. NYC is my next move.”

Photo Credit:  Becca Chairin

Photo Credit: Becca Chairin

“I love how while your music has hip-hop roots, I hear the influence of several genres. What genres/artists are you into at the moment?”

“Recently I've been into Brockhampton, BONES, The Front Bottoms, Amy Winehouse, Death Grips, Cat Power and pretty much everyone on Awful Records (Father, Abra, Slug Christ, etc). I like stuff that doesn’t sound perfect but instead feels genuine and like the artist is sharing part of themselves.”

“‘Bath Salts’ is another standout track for me. The vulnerable lyricism is what really made me fall in love with it. Can you tell us more about this one?”

“Thank you! It was one of those songs that wrote itself. I had just gone on a road trip with my two best friends and they were playing ‘Using’ by Sorority Noise on repeat in the car. The first line of that song is “I started using again” and it spoke to me so I ripped that lyric and used it as the jumping off point for what I wanted to be a really cathartic track for me. I just spilled my guts on it. I guess it’s a song about how no matter how much I grow and change, I’ll always be a creature of habit. There’s some comfort in accepting that we’re only human. ‘Using’ doesn’t just refer to drugs, it can be anything that feels good but hurts you at the same time.”

“Is DRIPKISS more of an alter-ego or stage persona, or is it not far off from your everyday self? How would you compare and contrast the two?”

“Good question. I would say DRIPKISS is the “dance like nobody is watching” version of myself. Also DRIPKISS is always changing. When I first started recording under that name four years ago, I was wild as hell and so was my music. Now I’ve calmed down and matured a bit and my latest project reflects that. I think some people expect DRIPKISS to be this crazy character I’ve created but it’s not like that. It’s really just me in my element.”

Photo Credit:  Julian Lavergne

Photo Credit: Julian Lavergne

“What was production for this album like?”

“Half of the tracks I recorded with my good friend at his studio in Los Angeles (shout out Touch at Phantom Audio) like literally a year ago. And I convinced myself it was all trash and didn’t listen to them for a while and then rediscovered a bunch of hits I had just been sitting on. Most of the other tracks I worked with my homie Reel Feels and he’s the best cuz I would send him mp3s I recorded with a shitty microphone in a closet and he somehow made them sound fire. For ‘Calvin Klein’ I worked with Steven Padilla at InTheMusic Recordings in Northern Virginia. I just kept my production circle small and was lucky to know some really talented guys.”

“To you, what isor what makes someonea bad lil thing?”

“It's giving yourself permission to make mistakes and not care so much. Sometimes you do stupid shit and act really ugly but it’s nothing to be ashamed of; it's still part of you. I think it's easy to view things as black or white, so I wanted to blur those lines a bit. Being bad can actually be good for you.”

“What does this album mean to you?”

“It means I'm famous.” 

“East Coast OR West Coast?”

“East Coast all day.” 

“Natalie Portman OR George Clooney?”

“Is that even a question? Natalie Portman.” 

“What’s next for DRIPKISS?”

“Children’s books, a GQ cover, and an exclusive merch collab with Burger King.”

Keep up with DRIPKISS on Instagram (@dripkiss) & Facebook (DRIPKISS), and catch bad lil thing on all music streaming platforms!